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Good Health
Made Simple:

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Really. This is not complex. The mind simply wants it to be complex because justifying its attachments is then so much easier.

Okay, Larry, if good health is so simple, why isn’t everyone healthy? Well, largely because we are slaves to our physical and emotional senses.  Our preferences, attachments, habits, and pre-occupations take precedence over our intellectual understanding of the correct choices for good health. 

For example, our desire for sugar and convenience outcreates our desire to experience vibrant health. If you don’t believe me, read on, and observe the processes that transpire in your mind and emotions as you read what you already know — what is healthy and what is not.  Accepting this uncomfortable truth may be the first step to creating a new reality for ourselves.

So, let us now look at the basics of good health — I mean really basic:  what to eat, what not to eat; what to do, what not to do.

Basic Foods to Eat

A simple list will do:

  • Fresh, organic vegetables

  • Whole, organic grains

  • High quality, organic animal protein

  • Fresh, organic fruits

  • High quality, unprocessed oils (olive, sesame, and coconut have proven themselves over thousands of years)

  • Pure water

You see? Nothing you didn't already know.

Basic Foods to Avoid

You’ll notice that this list is much longer than the one above. This is because the marketplace is full of products that make food processing corporations billions because they cater to those aforementioned sensory pleasures, emotions, and attachments. Do they enhance good health? Dream on. They suck nutrients and life force out of the body like a leach — slowly and steadily. And in relation to our initial discussion, they are murder on the immune system. The list below is essentially responsible for the impending collapse of an equally distorted health care system.

  • Simple carbohydrates: this includes all concentrated, chemically processed sweeteners (white sugar, turbinado sugar, “raw” sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose, blackstrap molasses, xylitol, sorbitol), naturally processed sweeteners (maple syrup, unrefined cane juice powder, sorghum, rice syrup, honey, barley malt, fruit juices, date sugar, fruit syrups).

  • Sugar substitutes: saccharin (Sweet'n'Low), sucralose (Splenda), aspartame (Equal), acesulfame-K (Sweet One).

  • Refined grains: grains and flour which have been milled to remove vital nutrients to attain longer shelf life.

  • Prepared foods: anything that comes in a box, bag or can.

  • Stimulants: such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, foods which produce an allergic response, caffeine, partially hydrogenated fats, concentrated sugars, caffiene, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine.

  • Junk food: as your awareness and understanding expand, so will your definition of this categaory.

  • Fast food: there is actually an organization, based in Italy, called Slow Food International. Over 80,000 members strong, it is dedicated to counteracting "fast food and fast life."

  • Soy products which are not fermented.

  • Most anything purchased in a "conventional" grocery store (in contrast to a natural food store).  Please understand that there is a great deal of junk to be purchased in natural food stores, as well. One must be discriminant in one’s purchases anywhere.

    Whole Foods, so popular in affluent neighborhoods actually offers very little organic produce.  It&rquo;s their great tasting junk that makes them so popular — the vast array of sweets, pastries,breads with unlisted ingredients, pizza, expensive cheeses, and the illusion that one is eating well by shopping there is the attraction.

    Pay attention to where you shop and what you put in your basket. Read ingredients. Learn which foods support vibrant good health, and which ones lead down a steady spiral of decline. It’s very simple, but we have to participate.

  • Drugs: prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational. I know these are not foods, but some people seem to think they are.

Well, that’s ridiculous, you say.  What a boring existence!  Perhaps.  But I can assure you, the belief that following such guidelines precludes sumptuous dining is a grand illusion, and the cost of embracing that belief is, at best, detracting from one's quality of life.

Each of the items in both lists could be expounded on endlessly.  The object of this page, however, is to impart a simple, vital message.  Let's take a look at lifestyle.



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