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Once Upon a Time
In a Galaxy
Far, Far Away

When I met Sue Swanback, seven years ago, her health was… well, precarious. Yet it was clear that this soul was on a relentless quest for answers, and she had already begun to recognize the paths that were going to provide them. In the ensuing months we realized that, while no two people walk the same path, the paths each of us were walking are unusually parallel.

Her personal journey, from “precarious” to quite strong and resilient, has brought both passion and devotion to her practice of Oriental Medicine. And the experiences along the way have left her with insights difficult to grasp for someone who did not experience them. These insights are a treasure trove for the client who must traverse and transcend similar terrain.



The rapid advances in personal health she experienced from the benefits of Oriental Medicine, when all else had failed, so impressed Sue that she took the next obvious step: preparation to practice the medicine herself. She enrolled in Southwest Acupuncture College with the intention of completing its four year, 3000 hour program — in three years, rather than four. This total immersion included over a thousand hours of hands-on clinical training and many hours of Western sciences. (The fact that this program is called a ‘master’s’ degree, rather than a doctorate, is an anomaly of medical politics, rather than a reflection of educational realities.)

Details of Dr. Swanback’s formal education can be found elsewhere, but they are insignificant when compared to her understanding of the medicine and her considerable education in life itself. These are the true gifts she brings to each client.

It is this depth of understanding and experience in the hands of a quiet, keen intellect which makes Dr. Swanback’s work brilliant. Compassion is what makes it truly compelling.



Dr. Swanback enjoys partnering with motivated clients to achieve their health goals. For the simple relief of pain or discomfort, her À la Carte Acupuncture Suite is structured for maximum results while minimizing cost. She uses Dr. Richard Tan's exceptionally effective concepts to design her primary treatment strategies.

  • Dr. Tan's Image Method emphasizes immediate pain relief for acute conditions using points on the limbs corresponding to areas of pain elsewhere in the body. It is very useful for injuries that cannot be directly touched. Dr. Tan's Balance Method is also a core strategy of her practice.

  • Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) is a newly developed Japanese system of scalp acupuncture also noted for quick pain relief and is a very gentle technique.

  • Auricular acupuncture, otherwise known as ear acupuncture, accesses body systems through points on the ears. It is useful not only in the treatment of pain, but also for stress and detoxification.

  • Scalp acupuncture stimulates areas on the skull that are close to underlying brain structures responsible for a variety of body functions. It is often used for the treatment of stroke sequelae, paralysis, speech impairments, and other neurological sensory and motor issues.

These methods can be even more effective combined with Chinese herbal medicines and custom-blended essential oils. Dr. Swanback offers her clients herbal consultations and prescribes custom formulas designed to match each individual’s specific conditions. And those who are afraid of needles need not miss out on Oriental Medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most advanced systems of medical knowledge in the world, and is effective for an infinite array of disorders whether or not acupuncture is used.


Beyond Pain Relief

While pain relief is one of the best-known effects of acupuncture treatment, Oriental Medicine, of which acupuncture is but a part, is actually a comprehensive, functional medical paradigm that was mature thousands of years before the existence of what we know as Western medicine. It encompasses the entire breadth of human ailments:

  • From infectious diseases to endocrine disorders,

  • Obstetrics & gynecology,

  • From internal disorders to mental/emotional issues,

  • The common cold & flu (including pandemic flu),

  • From injury to obesity, and everything between.

It has been proven effective as a supportive therapy for the most serious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


The Tao
of Everyday Living

Dr. Swanback enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and is happy to assist anyone motivated to seek a higher state of well-being. To provide deeper insight into the application of Oriental Medical principles, Dr. Swanback offers a class called “The Tao of Everyday Living”, which offers a cost-effective way to learn new viewpoints for maintaining health.

Teaching health principles is the primary mission of Future Medicine Now. Lao Zi is credited with having said,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Unlike the medico-pharmaco-insurance complex, our aim is not to enslave you financially for a lifetime by keeping you ill, ignorant, and dependent on drugs. Certainly we welcome long-term health partnerships wherein we provide health optimization, consultations, and problem resolution as they’re required. Yet responsibility for your health ultimately resides with you and manifests through your daily choices. “The Tao of Everyday Living” brings the principles of Oriental Medicine to life in your life.



2202 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


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