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What to Bring

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Because Oriental Medicine draws its diagnosis from the comprehension and understanding of everything that is happening in the client’s constitution, the first visit is largely focused on gathering information. The information is then assimilated, understood, and recognized as a pattern, which becomes the diagnosis. From this newly acquired perspective, we stand in a position of considerable advantage — we now have the understanding of what must take place to resolve the undesirable condition/s you are experiencing.

Toward this end, you are requested to bring as much helpful information as possible to your first visit.

You are requested to bring the following items, if you have access to them:

  • All medications, herbs, and supplements you are taking, currently or in the recent past. Please bring them in their original containers where ingredients are listed.

  • Any lab work which has recently (within the past six months) been completed — blood, urine, saliva, stool studies, biopsy, etc.. These tests belong to you, and you are entitled to copies of them from any health care provider, although the provider may require a nominal fee for a large number of copies. The quickest choice may be to request that they be emailed to me or faxed to this office at 855.342.8676.

  • Imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRIs, CAT or bone scans, bone density scans, ultrasound studies, thermographs, colonoscopy, etc.. It is generally not necessary to bring the actual films — most often the written report is adequate, although a picture may help pinpoint an orthopedic target.

These items may shed helpful insights on your condition, and sometimes reduce the need to run additional tests. If there is something not on the above list, which you feel is relevant to the journey to your restored health, please bring it.



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