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Thank you for choosing Future Medicine Now. I look forward to your visit and to working with you to resolve the challenges you are currently facing. At Future Medicine Now you can expect genuine care and excellent treatment for all your health care needs. It is my intention to provide you with a level of health care you have not previously experienced.

There are three pages in this thread. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before your appointment. Then read the pages listed in the drop down menu at the bottom of this page. The last page, Client Documents, gives you access to the documents you need to print and complete before your visit.

Blood Sugar

Make sure you have eaten and are properly hydrated. Adequate blood sugar levels and water intake are necessary for high performance throughout the day. This applies to your treatment as well. Please do not arrive for your treatment hungry or dehydrated.

What to Wear

If possible, wear loose, comfortable, natural fiber clothing for your visits to Future Medicine Now.


Remember that people who are in the office long after your visit may be individuals with chemical sensitivities. When exposed to chemical fragrances, they can experience symptoms ranging from discomfort to life-threatening. Therefore, when you come for treatment, please don't bring fragrances with you — from perfumes, colognes, hair spray, body care products, to the fragrances from laundry products or even residual mothball scent in your clothing.


I wish your visit to be a relaxing focus on the improvement of your health. When you arrive at our office, please be sure that cell phones, pagers, watch alarms, etc. are turned off. This is a demonstration of respect for the experience of others who may be in the office, as well as an expression of your own desire for wellness.


Please don’t be misled by emotionally charged advertising from insurance companies and “health maintenance organizations.” Understand that the primary motivation of these entities is to make money for their executive officers and their stockholders. When third party payers (such as insurance companies and HMOs) are writing the paychecks of health care providers, we see a number of interesting things happening:

  • In the interest of cutting expenses, third party payers commonly refuse to pay for lab work which is truly informative — whether that be blood tests extensive enough to be useful or other forms of testing done by labs at the forefront of functional medicine.
  • Third party payers generally do not pay for services with which they are unfamiliar. They pay for drugs, surgery, and the comfortable vernacular of conventional medicine. In short, they do not pay for most services rendered by those practicing at the cutting edge of medicine.
  • In terms of time, attention, personal integrity, cost, and outcomes to the client’s health, it’s extremely expensive to attempt receiving payment from the majority of these organizations. At best, the practitioner’s attention is diverted from the true task — the client's well-being. The worst case scenario is the following reality.
  • The most egregious result of this phenomenon inevitably manifests in the office of even the most well meaning practitioner: Third party payers are practicing medicine without a license. Their influence is such that decisions which impact your health are being made by bureaucrats. Please know that truly advanced medicine and contemporary “health insurance” are antithetical to each other.

In the interest of best serving the health care needs of my clients, I choose not to divide my attention between excellent health care and trying to get paid for it. I believe it is unfair to the ultimate goals of both the client and the practitioner to invite these influences into the relationship.

Therefore, be prepared to pay for services at the time of your visit. I accept cash, checks, Visa, and MasterCard. You will be provided an invoice with CPT & ICD9 codes in case you wish to submit charges to your insurance company.

If this is a hardship, please contemplate the reality that...

If you’re paying for health insurance,
you probably can’t afford health care!


Please note that, having scheduled four hours of my time on your behalf, I request 24 hours advance notice if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. Appointments broken or cancelled with disregard to this commitment may be charged a full visit.


The Client Documents page is where you may download the files you will need to complete and bring with you to your first visit.



2202 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


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