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Dr. Larry Horton and Dr. Sue Swanback are the husband and wife team who form the backbone of Future Medicine Now. Each brings special skills, talents, and vision to the practice. Both share the utmost respect for what they believe is the most mature form of medicine on the planet. You may wish to investigate either or both, by clicking on the respective links at the beginning of this paragraph.

Or, you may find value in the following discussion which defines a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.


What Is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine?

The answer to this question is dependent on three primary circumstances:

  • Location: in what country and state one is licensed and practicing;
  • The extent of one’s education;
  • And the depth of the doctor’s interest and devotion to the principles and modalities of Oriental Medicine’s worldview.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume that the doctor is licensed and practicing in the state of New Mexico. And we’ll say that this doctor has pursued continuing education which has taken his/her practice to a level of licensure which reflects this education. Perhaps most importantly, shall we say our doctor fully embraces the principles and practices of Oriental Medicine — both in professional practice and in private life?


Given these conditions, we can now say that a Doctor of Oriental Medicine:

  • Is a primary care physician;
  • Is flluent in the energetic implications of dietary modification for a desired effect;
  • Is an herbalist accessing the wealth of the world’s most evolved system of herbal medicine;
  • Is an acupuncturist, using needles and other modalities to balance and harmonize the channels, organs, and systems;
  • Is the consummate health coach, sharing the all-encompassing worldview of Oriental Medicine;
  • Continually seeks more effective, appropriate, and more evolved methods of bringing balance and harmony to those living in an increasingly inharmonious world;
  • Knows that the practice and definition of a Doctor of Oriental Medicine is an unending unfoldment — not a static attainment, frozen in time;
  • Ultimately concerns him/herself with the ascension of consciousness as our primary reason for being here.


The pages of this web site are an expression of valuable principles that we witness being played out, each day of practice. Sharing them with those sincerely seeking help, gives us pleasure. In this way, the client may take this information, and through the filter of one’s own experience, learn to wisely take responsibility for one’s own choices. Observing this is a graced gift.

The word ‘doctor’ is a derivative of the latin word, ‘docere’ (to teach), and therein lies a physician’s deepest responsibility. Ultimately, a doctor’s true purpose is imparting to the client the information and principles required to make intelligent choices — in health, and in life. Far more important than the skills, knowledge, qualifications, personality and accomplishments of the practitioner, are one’s attitude, attention, and the degree of love with which these are guided. These are the elements which alter the lives of both the practitioner and the client.

If you’d like more detailed information, such as education, credentials, etc., the appropriate pages are listed in the menu. It is our sincere hope that the ideal of Oriental Medicine, however, will be evident on every page of this web site.


The Doctors


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