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Future Medicine Now embodies a new ideal in health care.

It bears little resemblance to conventional medicine. Its perspective, its methods and efficacy represent a radical departure from the norm.

It is not a pipedream. It is a reality. In this moment.

Yet it is continually unfolding, evolving, and revealing a higher form of itself.



Awaiting You

What you’ll discover at Future Medicine Now will delight the part of you that yearns for…

    • Doctors willing to devote to you the time and attention your health deserves;
    • Doctors who understand the processes and choices which have led you to your current condition;
    • A time-proven system of medicine so comprehensive that solutions to this era’s most puzzling dilemmas are intrinsically etched within its principles;
    • Consistent, reliable guidance in taking conscious control of your own health choices — the simple, yet profound, decisions which determine your daily experience.

You’ll be amazed as this medicine repeatedly reveals that discomforts and dis-ease commonly accepted as an integral part of being a woman or a man in the world today are not that at all. They are, in fact, functional imbalances which can — and should — be corrected. Available to you is a higher level of existence than our cultural expectations suggest. A new paradigm is awaiting your arrival.

These discoveries apply to serious illness as well as to less threatening health care challenges.


Wouldn’t it be novel to discover treatment options which not only alleviate your symptoms, but which simultaneously improve your overall health and well-being?!

Could you deal with ‘side-effects’ such as…

    • Improved sleep,
    • More vitality,
    • Clear thinking,
    • Steady energy throughout your day,
    • Healthy, stabilized body weight,
    • Fewer aches and pains,
    • And a much better outlook at the day’s end?

We don't treat your symptoms at the expense of your health or quality of life.



How Can We Make Such Claims?

Surely, not by waiting for the blessing of the FDA. We are simply stating our daily observations of twenty years, and expressing principles verified by millennia.

If you require a stack of double blind studies before you make health decisions, all we can recommend is that you learn Chinese, whereupon you’ll be able to read the research unavailable in English. Perhaps we’ll see you in five years.

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to consider a system of medicine, which, after five thousand years of development, still serves more of the earth’s population than any other, then we should talk.

There is so much more to life and medicine than what we grew up with and what we now find on the internet!

Truthfully, if you are devoted to conventional medicine, this is not the web site for you. Our culture is so enamored with expensive, high-tech solutions with poor quality consequences, that our disdain for low-tech solutions prevents us from noticing their high quality results. And we mistakenly equate high-tech with ‘cutting edge’. High-tech is complicated and expensive — cutting edge is simple and elegant.

Those who approach us with an “Okay, show me!” attitude will most often be rewarded with the irrefutable experience of improved health — an ongoing, cumulative attainment, rather than an illusory Holy Grail, frozen in time and space.

Our Commitment

Our professional lives are dedicated to providing our clients with cutting edge medical solutions to their health challenges.

Unlike the medico-pharmaco-insurance complex, our aim is not to enslave you financially for a lifetime by keeping you ill, ignorant, and dependent on drugs. Certainly, we welcome long-term health partnerships wherein we provide health optimization, consultations, and problem resolution as they’re required. Yet responsibility for your health ultimately resides with you and manifests through your daily choices.

Accordingly, we are committed to imparting the essence of Oriental medicine’s simple, yet profound wisdom to our clients, enabling them to make intelligent choices in these challenging and confusing times — choices grounded in their own personal experience with this amazing medicine.

Future Medicine Now

In the Orient, the medicine we practice is not called ‘Oriental medicine’. It is simply medicine. And we’ve lived the medicine long enough that we, too, see it that way. It is medicine, as it should be, and has been for a very long time. And it’s here for you now, if you wish.

The most ironic secret is that Future Medicine Now is not really about medicine at all. It’s about the quality of your life! It’s the blueprint to crafting a stable experience of well-being, starting from wherever you now reside.

Thank you for visiting. When you’re really ready to feel good — when you’re truly desirous of high level wellness, give us a call.




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