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Making Choices Personal

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All things in this world exist in relation to each other. In order for dietary and lifestyle information to become meaningful — in order for it to change our lives — we must come to understand it in relationship to all aspects of our own lives:

  • 1. The karma we have brought with us
  • 2. The constitutional tendencies we were born with and will carry throughout our lives
  • 3. The influences of our personal experience
  • 4. The current circumstances of our lives
  • 5. The state of health or disease we are now experiencing
  • 6. The time of year
  • 7. The time of day, etc., etc.... you get the picture.

As you can see, there is much to understand and much to consider before information can give birth to wisdom. This is a lifelong endeavor. And this is precisely the perspective of Oriental Medicine.

When we hear someone declare, for instance, that everyone should be eating broccoli, or no one should be eating carrots (and we hear these things all too often), beware. Or, be aware: this person is speaking from an extremely limited viewpoint, and wisdom is nowhere on the horizon.



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