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Dr. Larry Horton offers access to a level of health and wellness most people have never before experienced, by using tools they didn’t know existed.

First of all, Oriental Medicine is the cornerstone of Dr. Horton's practice — the perspective from which he views a client's condition. As you know, Oriental Medicine diagnoses and corrects functional imbalances (the cause of illness and pain), by enlivening the body’s own healing mechanisms. That’s very different and vastly more gratifying than suppressing symptoms with drugs and surgery.

One can’t really appreciate the immensity of this difference until it’s been experienced for a while.

Secondly, in the fifteen years Dr. Horton has been in practice, his studies have given him access to remarkable tools, which aren’t taught in the schools.

Naturally, he uses all the most powerful aspects of Oriental Medicine, including...

...and he is also able to amplify the potency of Oriental Medicine by using a variety of unique modalities which perfectly dovetail with its principles. Ironically, some of these represent the cutting edge of Western science — although most conventional doctors have never heard of them.

Dr. Horton is certified in all components of New Mexico’s Expanded Practice of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing all of them since 2002 — some of them much longer:

    • Advanced Injection Techniques
    • Intravenous Therapies
    • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

These encompass a broad range of advanced therapeutic choices rarely found in any physician’s toolkit. When practiced in the context of Oriental medicine, these options represent the cutting edge of medicine.


Examples of these tools include:

  • IV Nutrients allow the body to accomplish healing and levels of wellness virtually unattainable through oral administration of nutrients or herbs.
  • Bio-identical Hormones are not for everyone, but sometimes a short course of natural hormones can be just what the patient needs to jumpstart the system back into balance.
  • Prolotherapy is a remarkably effective technique which relieves joint pain while it simultaneously initiates growth in tendons and ligaments which are too weak and lax to hold the joint in place. This is an amazing phenomenon to observe — and to experience!


Further possibilities include...

  • Sound Vibration in acupuncture, in place of needles,
  • Essential Oil Therapy to unravel deep constitutional issues,
  • Trigger Point Injections for intractable muscle spasms & pain syndromes.


The list is nearly endless. There are many advancements quietly being made by innovative Westerners, and the ones used by Dr. Horton are in direct alignment with the paradigm of Oriental Medicine — the matrix into which he believes successful health care will evolve. This is but a glimpse of Future Medicine Now.




2202 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


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