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Dr. Swanback's
Curriculum Vitae

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Southwest Acupuncture College January 2005 — December 2007 Albuquerque, NM
Degree: 3000+ hour program including didactic and clinical hours in acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, and Western sciences. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine


Certifications & Affiliations


Continuing Education

Autoimmune Disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Chinese Medicine
Matt Van Benschoten, L.Ac.
December 2009
TCM Iridology
Robert Teng-Fang Wu, L.Ac.
March 2009
Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1, 2, 3
Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac.
March 2009
Global Balance for Internal Disorders
Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac.
March 2009
Advanced Balance Method - Balancing the Five Elements
Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac.
March 2009
Advanced Track: Treatment of Gynecological/Urological Disorders
Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac.
March 2009
Healing Community Trauma Training: How to Do Acupuncture for Traumatic Events
Diana Fried, L.Ac., Susan Reed, L.Ac.
Jan 2009
Integrative Approach, Great Results
Dr. Robert Doane, L.Ac.
June 2008
Balancing Body Chemistry: Making Sense of Blood Chemistry Results
Dr. Harry O. Eidenier, Jr., Ph.D.
May 2008
Jingei Pulse Diagnosis
Lisa Rohleder, Lac & Skip Van Meter, LAc
May 2006
Working Class Acupuncture
Lisa Rohleder, Lac & Skip Van Meter, Lac
May 2006
Pros & Cons of Pharmaceutical Drugs & Chinese Herbal Medicine
A Comparative Analysis
Dr. John Chen, OMD, PharmD, LAc PhD
May 2006
Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Li-Chun Huang, LAc
May 2006
Acupuncture Techniques for Psychological and Emotional Health
Dr. Jim Ventresca, DOM
December 2005
Acupuncture Techniques for the Treatment of Pain
Dr. Jim Ventresca, DOM<
November 2005
Hepato-Gastrointestinal Windup Syndrome
Dr. Datis Kharrazian, DC, CCN
August 2005
25 Important Formulas for Clinical Practice
Dr. Jake Fratkin, OMD
November 2004
Acutonics® Intensive: Harmonic Attunement and Advanced Harmonic Applications
Dr. Donna Carey, PhD, LAc
October 2004
Acutonics® Intensive: Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics, Higher
Harmonics & the Inner Nature of Tone
Dr. Donna Carey, PhD, LAc
March 2004


Clinical Experience

Traditional Chinese Medicine, 416  hours of clinical practice and observation using acupuncture, herbs and physical therapy modalities.  Drs. Li Li, Xiaolu Luo, Zhong Kang Yu, Walter Eddy, Hilary Broadbent, Jaclyn Oddi, and Qijian Ye supervising.

Traditional Herbal Prescriptions, 140 hours of clinical practice in diagnosis and treatment using custom formulation of traditional Chinese herbal preparations.  Drs. Li Li and Bingzeng Zou supervising.

Toyohari Meridian Therapy, 157 hours of clinical practice emphasizing pulse diagnosis, palpation skills, and meridian style treatment.  Dr. Sean Tuten supervising.

Kototama Life Medicine, 102 hours of clinical practice using Inochi pulse diagnosis, acupuncture and therapeutic bodywork.   Dr. Jeff Meyer supervising.

La Familia Externship Clinic, 102 hours of clinical practice using acupuncture and physical therapy modalities.  Clients are foster children, being treated for conditions including ADD, depression, and abuse, the foster parents of these children, and La Familia staff members.  Dr. Sean Tuten supervising.

Mental Health Clinic, 52 hours of clinical observation of acupuncture and physical therapy modalities to treat Community Lighthouse clients dealing with trauma, divorce, grief, or behavior problems.  Dr. Jeff Meyer supervising with Mark Ferrigel, LPCC.

Safe House Clinic, 52 hours of clinical practice using acupuncture and physical therapy to treat clients recovering from physical, emotional, or mental abuse as a result of domestic violence. Dr. Jeff Meyer supervising.

Health South Rehabilitation Clinic, 52 hours of clinical practice using acupuncture in a hospital rehabilitation setting for the consequences of acute trauma, stroke, cardiac events, and other surgical interventions. Dr. Walter Eddy supervising.




2202 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


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