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A health care professional, who does not understand that the practice of medicine is a continually expanding and unfolding revelation in each moment, is chained to a static illusion which is the past. The humility of the word “practice” is lost in such a case.

We are blessed to live in what orientals euphemistically call interesting times. And indeed they are! Never, in the memory of humankind, has so much been happening so fast. And never before have such powerful forces been placed on such a precarious balance point. How exciting! What a gift!


The Evolution of the Politics

Among these forces is medicine, particularly as practiced in the United States. If the true fragility of this colossal force were recognized by the public, abject terror would be a reasonable response. But it’s not, and if we’re ‘lucky’ the true reality will never be perceived. It is possible for transformation to occur with relative grace and little ‘bloodshed.’ If this were to happen, it would, indeed, be the manifestation of Grace. The actual events and outcomes lying ahead of us will probably lie somewhere between these extremes.

In terms of monetary clout and political influence, Oriental Medicine is a mere drop in the bucket. And its fate, too, lies in a critical balance. Yet the very fact that Oriental Medicine’s interest and intent has nothing to do with influence or power may well tip the scales in its favor. How the future plays out, in truth, has little to do with us, as human beings, or with our choices and opinions. It has to do with universal principles and their balance. And, in this, may lie the biggest surprises.


The Evolution of the Medicine

Near the center of this dazzling spiral called the 21st century is the ephemeral medium on which you are now straining your eyes. (Go out and get some exercise!) Information and inspiration are the flash point of the internet, and it is driving aspects of our culture in ways and in directions, largely unknown.

Most conversations regarding the influence of the internet usually pose the question of whether or not the information presented here is the truth. Dear readers, in an absolute sense, nothing on this plane is the truth. Whether or not the information on the internet is correct is really irrelevant. The internet is a powerful reflection of the creative energy that has been building in the West for a couple of centuries. It is attaining critical mass, and it can be expected to expand our reality into an explosion culturally equivalent to the Big Bang.

This creativity, coupled with the accelerating merging of cultures, holds exciting possibilities for medicine, not to mention the whole of life.  




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