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Sue and I practice in very similar ways. We follow a nearly identical set of principles, and we uphold parallel values. We routinely consult with each other. And there are even occasions when one of us requests that the other provide a specific treatment for their client.

We love working together. Nonetheless, we are individual souls with paths distinct from each other. We have different licensure. We’ve been in practice different lengths of time and have different training (see our CVs for details). And, of course, our personal life experiences are unique. While our means of arrival may differ, our destinations are usually the same: gratifying health outcomes, leading to long-term health partnerships.

And so it is that we have different ways of accepting new clients into our practice. If you are interested in seeing either of us for health care services, this is where the path diverges.


Your Choice

Rest assured that you will receive excellent care, regardless of your choice. We look forward to working with you. ‘Working’ is not quite the way we perceive our task, but culturally, it probably wouldn’t do to say, “We look forward to playing with you”. We view our tasks as ‘effortless effort’, and we hope you will as well.


To explore seeing Dr. Swanback, begin here.

For Dr. Horton, please begin here.




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